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A lot of you may not know, but earlier this year, we started an Official Westerns Fan Club for fans of the Johnstones! Head on over and check it out – and get entered to win our latest contest!


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Moving Upward!


The news this week is that Bleeding Texas is still on an upward climb on the Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller list, though we haven’t heard yet from Bookscan. This can only mean good things!

On the home front, though, we are fighting seasonal allergies and a terrible heat wave and I’ve almost completely lost my voice. It seems no amount of water will keep my throat from feeling as dry as a desert. 

There’s not much happening other than that, but if you haven’t already heard, we’re having our 20% OFF LABOR DAY SALE over at!

Until next week, keep yourselves cool and have a blessed Labor Day!




#13 on Book Scan’s Bestseller list 8/18/14!

Sidewinders: Bleeding Texas

Bo Creel is back at his family’s Star C Ranch in Bear Creek, Texas. Along with his buddy Scratch, he’s finding out that home is where the hell-raising is. A rival ranch is trying to drive the Creel family out of business, using any means necessary. Bo and Scratch, always suckers for a pretty face, come two young ladies to blur the battle lines.

Desperate to raise cash, the Creel family sets off on a trial drive south to Rockport and a thriving cattle market on the Gulf of Mexico. That’s when their rivals strike a devastating blow. Now Bo and Scratch are madder then two wet hens. . Assemblinga ragtag army of aging, crusty cowboys who’ve seen their share of gun battles, Bo and Scratch need to recapture a stolen herd and make it to the Texas coast in time to save the Creel family’s future—while a relentless enemy is about to unload the bloodiest mayhem to ever drench Texas …

Texas John Slaughter Series


One of the best things about 2014 for us is the release of the Texas John Slaughter series. We’ve been really looking forward to tackling the story of the man who brought the law to Tombstone. Now with the release of the second book in the series, we are even more excited that Book Candy Studios has put together a great video for us to share!



Order the Texas John Slaughter series by visiting our website or your local Walmart store!